Music Video(s) of the Week!

•May 19, 2007 • 1 Comment

This week’s music videos are from Canadian hip-hop artist K-OS. First from the recently released album, Atlantis (Hymns for Disco) , is the “Born to Run” and video below it is from his second album, Joyful Rebellion, and is called “Man I Used to Be “. I have included both because the video of “Born to Run” is something of a continuation of “Man I Used to Be”. Enjoy!


The Individual’s Dilemma

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The Individual’s Dilemma

German mystic and teacher George Gurdjieff once said of the individual that “without self knowledge, without understanding the working and functions of his machine, man cannot be free, he cannot govern himself and he will always remain a slave.” Gurdjieff statement of self knowledge and understanding of man’s workings and functions leads one to an interesting predicament, for it would seem that in order for the individual to truly thrive, that is to have some sort of ‘worth’ attached to their lives, a certain understanding of the self is required. Yet, the individual is a complex entity which is under the influence of many sources that are outside or heteronomous of the self. In other words, to understand what is inside of the self, one must also understand the self’s relationship to that which is of an outside nature. The individual decides what is worth doing by taking a general survey of the world and their own seemingly autonomous lives. Now if one were to combine this situation with the understanding that this general survey of the world that human beings take come from distorted methods of third person experience and information apprehension there would seem to be a dilemma that is Continue reading ‘The Individual’s Dilemma’


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Overwhelmed by the sentiments and memories
Torn apart through moments of ugliness and hopefulness
The emotions are stripped away as the bitter savagery of logic attacks the mind
They said a resolution can be found through a state of unlearnment
To Begin Again
To Live Again
Yet it is your face that I continue to see.
Through the sentiments and through the memories
Through the ugliness and through the hopefulness
“Has the weigh that I had been carrying always been yours?”…………………..[come to terms]

Music Video(s) of the Week!

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This week I putting two videos up, the first of which comes from the U.K. group Faithless and the second is a mystery video. Off Faithless’ 2006 album “To All New Arrivals” here is the the video for “Bombs”:

The second video is a surprise (Hint: Rick James is in it). Yes this song is be taken seriously and it is great. Enjoy!

Colbert – O’Reilly Tonight!

•January 18, 2007 • 2 Comments

Tonite Stephen Colbert will be on the “O’Reilly Factor” at 8pm and Bill O’reilly will be on “The Colbert Report” at 11:30pm. It should be interesting to say the least, make sure you check it out. I’ll put some videos of the encounter up later in the week.

Also I wanted to wish a happy belated birthday Muhammad Ali.

On Memory…

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Image: Pasajes de la memoria by ~vespertino
For summary of John Perry’s “A dialogue on Personal Identity and Immortality” visit

The concept of mind and body transplants of John Perry’s “A Dialogue on Personal Identity and Immortality” brings up an interesting question. What is is more important for personal identity the mind or the body. Gretchen denies that the person who would survive after a brain was transplanted into a different body would be the person who’s brain was involved. That is, what’s essential for personal identity is the body that is involved, not the brain. The idea is that in a choice between psychological continuity or bodily continuity as being responsible for personal identity, Gretchen would choose the latter. Supposing that you were in Gretchen’s position which of the two transplants would be better? In order to properly answer this question we must first briefly discuss personal identity and its relation to the body. The physical body as we know it today is developed by a set of unique genes and it is through this physical body that a person goes through the learning processes by which experiences are processed and mental skills developed. From the moment of one’s conception one undergoes a unique development embodied by many physical and mental changes. Even if all the individual components of a person appear to change, the underlying process, by which a person is formed and developed gives that person their inherent individual identity. So while it can be said that you cannot step in a same river twice since its properties are constantly changing, you still know it is the same river from yesterday because its formal identity remains.

Furthermore, I feel that the problem in John Perry’s dialogue was in his discussion of memory and its relation to personal identity. Many of the characters’ discussion about memory and identity seems to be based on the assumption that memory is something that is available to us at all times. Instead what is important for us to realize is that memory acts on a need to know basis and the whole of our memory is not available to us at any one time. This is important in its relation to identity as it is not only memory itself that plays a part in identity but also the way in which those memories are perceived, like their importance in relation to life experiences, vividness, and emotions attached to them. Now if one was to take this into account with what was spoken in the paragraph above one can conclude that individual identity is developed from that which is inherently unique in the body, such as genes and DNA; and much like the river the individual identity while constantly changing through states its formal identity remains as its development base, the inherent uniqueness of the body, remains the same. To take this a step further, suppose that after a certain point of development the foundation of the individual identity is cemented and that the whole of this individual identity, its memories, experiences, thoughts, attitudes, emotions, conscious, etc., where all located in the brain. We can now make the case that the individual identity will still continue after brain transplant as opposed to body transplant. However just as like memory simply because the whole of the parts of individual identity remains the same doesn’t mean these parts will be interpreted in the same way. In other words, the individual identity is greater that the sum of its parts. It is a constantly flowing and changing concept that with a change in body will also further change its own definition. Personally, I would not opt for either operation, as I see both as an attempt to cling onto life, but of the two brain transplant is better.

Music Video of the Week

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I’m starting up this blog again and I promise it will be updated on a regular basis. That being said I’m debuting a new feature called music video of the week that will show music videos from artist I enjoy every week. Starting off will be a video that I was telling a friend of mine about so I figured it would be a perfect choice for this feature. It is by trip hop group Unkle, from their second album “Never Never Land” here is “Eye for an Eye”: